Beer Brewing Adventures

As I start building more on the website here, I’d like to take a side-bar and talk about my home brewing experiences from time to time.  While this is a very new hobby for me, this is something I really am excited about.  There are 3 things that I’m very good at: Code, Automation, and Drinking Beer.  Looking at these, I see home-brewing as a way to take 3 things I love and blend them over time.

I’m wrapping up my first batch this weekend from a kit my wife gave me.  Nice little small batch, 1-gallon, pale ale that’s just about ready to chill and drink.  Let me just say that my first attempt at this was hilarious.  I kind of dove right into the first one and well… take the poor straining, the first attempt being entirely grain-based, and laughable efforts at siphoning, and we had a heck of a mess with about 9 bottles achieved out of the whole effort.

Keep watching Web Of Mike.  I’ll be taking on a extract-based Black IPA next… but for now, I suppose I’ll get back to coding and perfect this skill over the next few months!

Mike Moore

Hi! My name is Mike Moore and you're on the Web Of Mike. Here you'll find general brainings and ramblings on technology, APIs, coding, beer, and whatever else I feel like talking about at the moment. Enjoy and stop by often for new content!

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