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Beer Brewing Adventures

As I start building more on the website here, I’d like to take a side-bar and talk about my home brewing experiences from time to time.  While this is a very new hobby for me, this is something I really am excited about.  There are 3 things that I’m very good at: Code, Automation, and Drinking Beer.  Looking at these, I see home-brewing as a way to take 3 things I love and blend them over time.

I’m wrapping up my first batch this weekend from a kit my wife gave me.  Nice little small batch, 1-gallon, pale ale that’s just about ready to chill and drink.  Let me just say that my first attempt at this was hilarious.  I kind of dove right into the first one and well… take the poor straining, the first attempt being entirely grain-based, and laughable efforts at siphoning, and we had a heck of a mess with about 9 bottles achieved out of the whole effort.

Keep watching Web Of Mike.  I’ll be taking on a extract-based Black IPA next… but for now, I suppose I’ll get back to coding and perfect this skill over the next few months!

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