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Kick-Ass WordPress Optimization

So you want to know about WordPress Optimization? Well I’ve scoured the web (and continue to do so frequently) for ways to optimize the various WordPress blogs that I run.  While I can’t claim to be the source of all knowledge on this topic, I can tell you what has worked well for me and how I run all of my blogs (some have seen upwards of 60K visits in a day!) on a single server and don’t lose a second of sleep over it. I’ll be splitting this post into several parts mostly because I just can’t bring myself...


WordPress Optimization: Setting Up a Web Server

Welcome to part 3 of 8 on Kick-Ass WordPress Optimization: Setting Up a Web Server!  In this segment we’ll be covering the implementation of a web server on your virtual (or regular) server that we set up in the previous segment or part 2 of 8: Setting Up a Virtual Server.  If you haven’t already done this… you may want to go back and get this going before you end up here. WordPress Optimization: Web Server Set Up This segment will cover the following topics: nginx Web Server – Because I won’t be covering Apache. Installing PHP Installing PHP-FPM and Tuning...


Socket.io cluster with nginx as reverse proxy

Node.js by default runs on a single process and at max utilizes one CPU. To take the full advantage of a multi core system, multiple node processes can be run with a frontend proxy interfacing with the client. This scenario can be supported in node.js using the cluster module. However with websocket additionally it is […] http://intellisignals.wordpress.com/2015/01/03/socket-io-cluster-with-nginx-as-reverse-proxy/