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Brew Day: Black IPA

So it’s here again! BREW DAY.  That glorious few hours where I get to drink beer while making beer. There’s really something chicken ad egg about the whole thing.  Which came first? Beer or beer? But I digress for now.  As this is still somewhat of the beginning to my brewing adventures, I’ve been starting with some small batch 1-gallon kits to get a feel for where I’m headed next.  Ideally I’ll be migrating onto some 5-10 gallon batches over the next year or so, getting some automation involved, and preparing a sweet taproom setup. So with all of that...


Beer Brewing Adventures

As I start building more on the website here, I’d like to take a side-bar and talk about my home brewing experiences from time to time.  While this is a very new hobby for me, this is something I really am excited about.  There are 3 things that I’m very good at: Code, Automation, and Drinking Beer.  Looking at these, I see home-brewing as a way to take 3 things I love and blend them over time. I’m wrapping up my first batch this weekend from a kit my wife gave me.  Nice little small batch, 1-gallon, pale ale that’s just...