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A smattering of delicious presentations on code, apis, beer, and other fancy topics as chosen by Mike.


Enabling Real-time Analytics with FPGAs

With the rise of Analytics and Big Data and our need to collect, process, and distribute ever-growing amounts of data from IoT, to mapping, and insights on the way consumers interact across apps and the internet, fast, efficient, and effective methods of analyzing our data are becoming more necessary.   To date, platforms like Hadoop, Cloudera, Apache Pig, Dryad, SciDB, etc have served us in a fair capacity; however, the ability to process the vast amounts of data we collect in real time or while data is “in-motion” has left much to be desired.  Surprisingly, the goal of much faster processing capability...

API Caching 1

Using A Cache to Reduce Your API Response Time

I’d like to post yet another presentation surrounding API Management.  This time I’ve focused on using a cache as a method to reduce your response time for your APIs and improve speed and performance resulting in a much better user experience for your developers! Knowing why and when to use a cache is exceedingly important should you choose to go this route. Misuse of caching technology in order to replace a data-store or over cache can actually hinder performance and result in unintended consequences such as loss of data.  Proper use however can result in wonderful speed increases and drastically...